NXT Gen infrared heating panel



NXT Gen infrared heating panels come with an integrated thermostat, along with a remote control giving you full automation strait out of the box
Infrared heating is the future of domestic and commercial heating.
IR panels are only 22mm thick and can be affixed to both walls and ceilings.

They produce healthy, safe heat that reduces dampness, eradicates mould and promotes general wellbeing.

Available in

NXT GEN white – with three stylish frames to choose from to suit any style of decor. (frame colours Black, Siver and White)

Available sizes Watts Heated area
595mm x 595mm 350w 5 – 6m2
295mm x 1195mm 350w 5—6m2
595mm x 995mm 580w 9 –10m2
595mm x 1195mm 700w 11—12m2
795mm x 1195mm 900w 16—16m2
995mm x 1195mm 1200W 19 – 20m2

NXT GEN Image panels- choose from over 250 images in categories including nature, artist prints and Cityscape

Available Sizes Watts Heated area
595mm x 595mm 350w 5-6m2
295mm x 1195mm 350w 5-6m2
595mm x 995mm 580w 9-10m2
595mm x 1195mm 700w 11-12m2
795mm x 1195mm 900w 15-16m2
995mm x 1195mm 1200w 19-20m2

NXT GEN Custom printed-the possibilities are endless from a family portrait in your home to advertising at work.

Available Sizes Watts Heated area
595mm x 595mm 350w 5-6m2
295mm x 1195mm 350w 5-6 m2
595mm x 995mm 580w 9-10 m2
595mm x 1195mm 700w 11-12 m2
795mm x 1195mm 900w 15-16 m2
995mm x 1195mm 1200w 19-20 m2

Mirrored Panels – available in round and rectangular

Sizes Watts Heated area
800mmx 600mm 450w 7-8m2
1000mmx600mm 580w 9-10m2
1200mmx 600mm 700w 11-12m2
850 diameters 360w 5-6m2

Glass panels- available in black or white, would look stunning in a minimalist decor

Available Sizes Watts Heated area
600mmx1000mm 600w 9-10m2

On display in our showroom to learn more visit us at

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